Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply?

Researchers from universities and other academic research institutes from all over the world are invited to apply.

Can I submit a proposal on behalf of a group?

Yes, you can submit a proposal on behalf of a group. However, please name your collaborators/coworkers; signatures of representatives of your institution/organization might be needed during the assessment period. Please also note, that we give one grant per one application to the main applicant’s institution, if accepted.

Do I need to register on the Bayer SIRIUS submission platform?

Unless you are already registered in Bayer’s SIRIUS system (e.g. by being an investigator in an IIR), you will need to register prior to submission of your short proposal.

Will the information provided be considered confidential?

No, all information provided is considered non-confidential.

Can I perform clinical studies for all eligible compounds?

Clinical studies can only be performed when sufficient safety data on such compounds exist. Compounds that are eligible for non-clinical studies only are labelled accordingly in the eligible compound section.

Who will review the proposals?

The proposals will be reviewed by experienced scientists at Bayer from different functions.

Will I be able to track the status of my proposal and when will I be notified about the decision?

No, there is no possibility to track the status of your proposal. Usually, the review period for short and full proposals within Bayer is 6-8 weeks, followed by a presentation to the Grants4Indications Review Committee. Therefore, decisions on your proposal are usually communicated within 8-10 weeks after the call deadline.

In case my proposal will be rejected, will I receive feedback on the underlying reasons?

The decision as to whether Bayer invites for submission of a full proposal or for negotiation of an IIR will be made at the sole discretion of Bayer, without any obligation to give feedback on the reasons. Accordingly, short proposals are usually rejected without reasons provided. Overall, the highest rating proposals will make it to the next round which however does not question the scientific quality of a rejected proposal. When rejecting a full proposal, the main reasons for not receiving the highest score are often being communicated to the applicants on a voluntary basis (without any self-commitment of Bayer).

What funding can be expected?

This very much depends on the study you are intending to perform. Usually, financial support is higher for clinical than for non-clinical studies. Since funding will be provided under the conditions of IIR contract, the conditions will be negotiated on a case by case basis. Financial support is understood as partial funding of the study (not full funding).

Can results from my study, in case it is funded, be published?

This will be negotiated in the IIR contract. Usually, you will have the right to publish your data after Bayer had the chance of reviewing these.


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