New indications for Bayer drugs

Do you have an idea for a new therapeutic indication using Bayer compounds? 

Bayer is supporting the exploration of new indications by offering grants and further financial support.


Submission ended on September 30th 2017.

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What we are funding

We are offering financial support for specific non-clinical or clinical research projects to evaluate a Bayer compound in a new indication, i.e. an indication outside those currently approved or in clinical trials.

Join our efforts and expertise in a mechanism-based approach in which we potentially support your project idea, both financially and with respective compounds.

Your Benefits

Funding for your study proposal

If you are successful in the first stage, you will be invited to develop and send your detailed full study proposal and will receive a grant of up to 5,000€* for this purpose.

For more details, see How it works below.

*If in accordance with your local laws and compliance regulations; to be paid to your institution/employer after acceptance of the grant conditions. 

Research support & funding under IIR-agreement


If successful in the next round, you can receive further funding to conduct your preclinical or clinical study under an Investigator-Initiated Research (IIR) agreement, subject to negotiation and according to fair market value.

We will also provide you with the Bayer compound you need for your research in sufficient quantities and formulations.


  • The research support is intended to be with respective Bayer compounds as well as financial.
  • Duration of the intended research shall be 2 years maxiumum.
  • The terms and conditions under which we provide such support will be defined in a seperate contract to be negotiated between the applicant and Bayer.**


**The terms and conditions of such a contract will include a consideration to Bayer for the financial support of the study. In general, the applicant will become owner of the results of the studies, yet with certain licenses and license options to Bayer, to be negotiated.

How it works


Deadline September 30, 2017

In a first step, please submit a short proposal (max. 1,500 words / 2 pages) of the research you intend to do, indicating the Bayer compound and the new therapeutic indication you plan to target with it.

For more details on what to include, see Submission.

To submit, you will be redirected to the Bayer SIRIUS online submission platform, where you have to register first.

Please note that any information that you submit is non-confidential.


8 - 10 weeks after submission deadline

Of the submitted short proposals, depending on the number of suitable applications, up to 12 projects will be selected by a dedicated Bayer-internal Grants4Indications Review Committee.

The selected projects will then be invited to submit a full study proposal. Usually, applicants will receive notification on whether their project was selected within 8 weeks.

The proposals will be reviewed by experienced scientists at Bayer from different functions. Pre-defined criteria are e.g.:

  • scientific value and rationale
  • medical need in the intended indication
  • availability of treatment in the intended indication
  • soundness of experimental methods

The decision as to whether Bayer invites for submission will be made at the sole discretion of Bayer. 


Within 4 weeks after invitation

If invited, please prepare and hand in a detailed non-confidential study protocol. 

Upon receipt of this full proposal, the grant of up to 5000€ will be paid out to your employer or institution (if in accordance with your local laws and compliance regulations).

 Please include the following information in your full study proposal (approximately 10-15 pages):

  • detailed study planning with statistical considerations
  • project rationale, detailed costs and timelines
  • confirmation that all prerequisites for performing the intended research are available at the applicant’s institute
  • as well as publications indicating the applicant’s expertise in the proposed indication and supporting the mechanistic approach to use the intended drug in the proposed indication.

Please also submit your full study proposal through the SIRIUS submission platform.



The submitted detailed study protocols will again be reviewed and scored. The Bayer-internal Grants4Indications™ Review Committee will then, according to the overall rating, select those projects that Bayer is interested in funding.

The funding of such studies will be subject to a contract between applicant and Bayer, which will be negotiated upon notification to the applicant that Bayer intends to pursue the proposed research.

The decision as to whether Bayer enters into an agreement under which Bayer provides further support will be made at the sole discretion of Bayer.

Ready, Set, Submit

Please include the following information in your short proposal:

Please indicate both substance/drug and amount of compound you intend to use. Only proposals using a substance or drug listed above will be considered. 

Please describe the new therapeutic indication you plan to target

  • Goals
  • Brief cost estimation
  • Timeline
  • clinical / non-clinical
  • number of participants

In addition, we’d like to receive a copy of your CV and any necessary publications relevant to your research.

Your short proposal should be max. 1500 words / 2 pages. Please bear in mind that all the information provided has to be non-confidential to allow a first evaluation of the proposal.

To submit, you will be redirected to the Bayer SIRIUS online submission platform, where you might have to register first if you don't have an account yet.


Submission currently closed.

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Grants4Indications in numbers

In our very first program call in 2016, we received 37 short proposals from 13 countries, out of which 8 were invited to submit full proposals, resulting in 4 studies being further supported.

Looking forward to the next round!

short proposals received in 2016
different countries represented
invited to submit full proposals
studies further supported

A Specific example for a new indication in Bayer history: Aspirin


Many medications have originally been developed for a completely different indication. Only later, completely new indications have been identified which in many cases, were even more successful than the original one.

Original indication
Pain and fever
Additional indication
Cardiovascular events prevention

Originally developed as a drug against pain and fever, Aspirin is now approved for primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular events in certain countries due to its effect as a platelet aggregation inhibitor.

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